Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safety First

This past fall, my kitchen sink became clogged and after a lot of back and forth, my onsite manager and one of the maintenance people fixed it. While they did so, I went about my business in another room. when the onsite manager left, we had this conversation:
"Did everything from under the sink get put back?"
"It's all back under there, but I'm not sure it is in the right place."
"That's fine, just as long as it's under there. Last time I forgot to ask and a plunger almost got me in the eye."
"It's all back under."
"Great. Thanks."
I was sitting at the computer and noticed my dog was obsessed with the kitchen. Finally, I went to investigate and discovered the trash, which is usually under the sink, was in the middle of the room. I'd thrown away grapes, which are toxic to dogs, so I was upset. Then I discovered some other chemicals were left on the floor as well.
I walked out of my kitchen and called the manager, who didn't answer. I then sent an email saying that I had found some stuff in my kitchen that hadn't been put away and I was concerned that in trying to find everything, I might hurt myself. I asked that he come back and help me locate everything.
He informed me that everything had been put back. I got the offsite manager (his boss) involved. It became a big mess. Later that month, I refused to let the onsite manager enter my apartment because if I couldn't rely upon him to know if stuff had been put back, I couldn't trust I was safe after he left.
I actually told the offsite manager that I'd allow the onsite manager in my home if he took responsibility if I was injured. It was the offsite manager's choice to leave it that only one person of his choosing would deal with future maintenance issues.
My onsite manager seems to be angry with me. He and his husband now both walk past me without saying a word, which I find to be a wee bit creepy especially since the husband once grabbed me and kissed me in the street. I am also unable to reach the onsite manager via phone. I am no longer included in complex social events, which is easy for them to do since they are posted on signs. It is clear I am not popular.
Here is my problem: I'm not trying to do anything but STAY SAFE. Whatever has to be done to accomplish that should not be an issue for anyone. Yet somehow I am the "bad guy" and while I will stay safe, I will pay for that safety via social sanctions. Yippy.

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