Thursday, February 23, 2012

Counting to Ten

On the bus today, I heard the following conversation.
Woman: I can't imagine being like Bob. I'm so grateful I'm not like that.
Man: I saw someone like Bob once. He was a judge.
Woman: :Wow, really?
Man: He did a good job.
Woman With all Bob's issues, I can't imagine what it took to go to college and then law school.
Man: Yeah, but if I were in court, I'd want a judge like Bob. I think he'd do a better job at deciding because of his issues.
Okay, so Bob is clearly me and these two people were obviously discussing blind people WITHIN MY HEARING.
I tried counting to ten. Still wanted to kill someone. I counted again. Still pissed. Then I decided to do the squares of numbers. By the time I got to 20 squared they were done talking. Thankfully.
I guess if I'd been brought up on murder charges, it would have helped to have the blind judge they were discussing. He would have understood the situation as justifiable homicide.

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william Peace said...

Just discovered your blog. Great stuff. I write at Bad Cripple. I have very similar experiences. People will openly talk about "the wheelchair" and state "I would rather be dead than use a wheelchair". I am well within ear shot if not mere feet away.