Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Letter from Camille to Santa

Dear Mr. Claus,
I know you can see when kids and dogs are naughty and nice. The other day, a boy was really nice and I want you to make sure to give him an extra cool gift.
Mom was walking me to get my nails trimmed. (Yuck!) When kids notice me, they want to play and I have to work extra hard to do my job. When a boy walked up behind me and Mom, I was worried, but he just wanted to tell Mom that I'm cute. (Of course Mom agreed.)
Then he told Mom all about his dog. When we got to a corner, he told Mom she should move over because there was a puddle. I really appreciated this because I don't like getting my paws wet.
Now, Santa, I have to confess I then did a bad thing. I didn't stop at a curb and Mom had to make me do it over again. The boy stood in the street and helped me do my job by watching for cars.
Please make sure to put something extra good in this boy's stocking. And, Santa, don't get too mad at me for making a mistake at my job. I try really, really hard.

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