Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blog Cubed

[Note: Apparently the new blogger interface and I have issues and as a result, this was not published on July 1st which was my intent. Ooops.] Last year in my anniversary post I wrote: do blogs have “terrible twos”? Guess we’re going to find out. We now have our answer that yes, in deed, this particular blog endured the terrible twos characterized by lack of entries caused by me being flaky. I could promise to be more dedicated especially since public proclamations like that increase the chance of the thing actually happening. but, well, I'm not really sure why I haven't been posting meaning a solution is out of reach. And then there's my anger. Recently I have been getting in touch with my rage at the world. I suspect the next year of this blog is going to be..... interesting. I'll leave you with a question: What's problematic about name tags and online groups that require pictures to gain and maintain access?

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Mary Q L said...

Hi Jen, As I leave this comment, directly to the right of the Blogger window is a picture of you and your "about me" soundbite. We seem to be surrounded by photos, and neat paragraphs that condense and sell our existence. The other day, a friend and I were on the phone with each other, googling each other (This is a true fact: I didn't google myself! really) She told me that when she googled my first and last name (which is very common), my Facebook photo came up first thing. How is that possible? She's not even on Facebook. Does the search engine know we know each other? Another friend (who shall remain nameless) asked that I never mention her name or post a photo of her on FB. These are privacy issues, but what is your perspective on the photo/identity issue? Your friend on the #11, Mary Q L (not my real name)