Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is It?

Today you all have the power to decide! Does the following constitute discrimination and/or an illegal act?
Earlier today I received a call asking me to participate in an online survey about music in my area with monetary compensation offered as incentive. My obvious question had to do with screenreader accessibility of the online survey. Managers were consulted and they did not know the answer, so they decided to skip me as a possible subject. The man was most apologetic telling me they would use this experience to get better information the next time around.
This is not the first time I have been unable to participate in a survey because of disability and I suspect I am not the only disabled person to have such an experience. When those conducting a survey limit their subject pool by disability, doesn't that skew the results? Does anyone ever cover that confounding variable when they publish the study findings?
The broader question, though, is whether or not this is discrimination and since they were offering pay, illegal based on employment law. I suppose an additional question exists: Am I being utterly ridiculous to frame this issue in terms of discrimination and the law?

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