Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ever Thought I Exaggerate?

Well, go read Did You Really Just Say that? and get back to me. I only wish I had the validating information of how people visibly react to me because, apparently, behavioral observations are considered far more subjective. Why is that?


Steve said...

Since you changed your profile pictures, I have been struggling with how to compliment you on your prosthetic eyes because I am afraid to be misinterpreted or to offend you.

In my opinion, you do look better with them than you did previously. I acknowledge that "better" means "closer to societal views of normalcy" I hope that my wrestling with the words shows that I mean it as a genuine compliment.

Jen said...

I appreciate the comment and your care in to put it nicely. Totally not offended.
I'm still not used to having them and to the change I know they've engendered. It's a very weird thing for me.
On the other hand, a kid said I looked like an alien, so I know I'm not going to be mistaken for normal any time soon. *grin*

Steve said...

Actually, here's something I can say with absolutely no fear or qualifications.

I like the color. They're a nice blue-gray. They are the color of the sky on an dimly overcast day.